• Who Are We
  • Training Educational & Consultation Center
    The Training, Learning and Consultation Center was established by Decree No. 2233 dated 17/4/2019. The Center started work on 1/1/2019.

Core Values:

The Center has six core values which are embodied in the main principles in which it operates, in order to ensure a unique culture and a harmonious and harmonious work environment. The core values of the center were identified as part of a workshop that included representatives from the center

  • Transparency: We believe in transparency in all the work of the Center and with all partners and stakeholders.
  • Creating Value: We are working hard to promote efficient management in Egypt and add value to all the work we do and to the Center's outputs.
  • Empowerment: We are committed to enabling all employees of the Center and staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Research Center to enable them to manage the functional processes at the highest possible level of responsibility.
  • Excellence and Innovation: We strive to differentiate the Center's work, performance and services by improving internal processes and commitment to continuous research, innovation and application of best practices.
  • Professional: We strive to achieve the highest professionalism and professionalism in all our business and our internal and external operations.
  • Responsibility: All employees of the Center have a strong sense of responsibility for the Center's success in spreading culture and science.

Improve the classification of the Center for Training, Learning and Consulting to become the leading center in the fields of training, learning and specialized consultations in the Middle East. And to be the most focused customer center at a high level and seek to provide services at the regional and international levels.

To qualify, certify and train employees in all scientific and medical fields in order to develop and raise the capabilities of the trainees, which includes their duties or their functional responsibilities. The center should be a distinguished reference model in its quality and diversity of service at the regional and international level, and maintain the leadership and originality. And to provide services with high accuracy to match and exceed the requirements of the parties concerned.

To become a leading center at the regional and international level, to work according to international quality standards and to continue to research and satisfy the needs of the local, regional and international community and to provide distinguished services and access to its prominent place locally, regionally and internationally with the commitment to local and global vision and continuous development through its counterpart and transfer of modern technology either individually or Through partnerships with others, and the optimal utilization of the potential and material and human resources available.